Walkers & Rollators

Walkers & Rollators are one of the most widely used mobility aids available and the variations are numerous, you can have a walker with four wheels or three wheels. Or you can choose one with skis or tips. You can have hand brakes, or a compression brake. They come with seat or without seat. They are available in different seat heights.  There are different types and sizes of wheels. Selection of the wheel size would depend upon where you would use your walker most often. If you suffer from Arthritis, it’s good to pay attention to the types of the hand brakes. That will make a lot of difference how often you would want to use one. Most of them fold for easy handling. Some fold sideways while others fold in other directions. In most models you can adjust the arm height. In a few models you can adjust the seat height as well.

A large range to suit your needs.

All About Mobility stocks a large range including lightweight and adjustable models waiting for you to come in and see what fits best.