Lift Chairs

People who struggle with health or mobility issues spend a lot of time sitting down. That’s alright, as recuperation often requires rest and relaxation. All About Mobility has a wide range of electric lift chairs designed to provide added mobility to users as well as tilt chairs, tilt in space chairs and recliner chairs. 

A large range to suit your needs.

A lift chair, or tilt and lift chair, helps a person sit down, stand up and keep active. A comfortable tilt and lift chair recliner also allows you to relax and repose in a variety of positions beneficial to health and wellbeing. Tilt chair benefits are well known, and All About Mobility offers high quality, ergonomic models recommended by health providers.

Tilt and lift chairs provide benefits to people suffering from wide-ranging ailments including arthritis, asthma, back pain, and circulation problems. People who spend a lot of time in a wheelchair also benefit from the additional seating positions a lift chair provides. 

All About Mobility stocks a huge range of chairs from petite to bariatric sizes along with accessories like over chair tables, sheepskin overlays and organisers.